Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blog slackers

So my Dad has called me and my sister out as blog slackers. He's visiting my mother in Tahiti and occasionally when he gets bored, he'll walk on down to the internet cafe to read our blogs to see "what we've been up to." I just wanted to set the record straight that although my lack of blogging may make it appear that I have not been up to anything, nothing could be father from the truth. So lest my father thinks that I am a total slacker, here is what I have been up to since the first of the year:

  • I've had my eyeballs cut open--Technically, my surgery--Lasik (R eye)/PRK (L eye)--was on Dec 31, but I've had enough visits to the eye doctor over the last few weeks to last me for quite sometime. Things seem to be coming along. The doctor keeps reminding me that I need to be a little patient with my PRK eye. Me patient? He must have me confused with some other person?!?
  • The kids have both started basketball--Kobe's played for a few years now but Tehani decided that she wanted to get in on the fun this year. I wasn't sure that she had any ballin' skills (she always looked panicked anytime someone threw her the ball at the first game) but she's coming along and even managed to make a basket the other day
  • And I'm back to the books--Don't get me wrong--I've learned a ton from my EMBA classes so far but it was very nice to get a few weeks off around the holidays. Now I'm back to staying up until midnight and then getting up at 5am to get all of my homework done! (Not to mention the fact that I miss watching TV--so don't tell me about any of the shows you might be watching because I don't want to hear about it)

Anyway, I am going to try to do better at posting updates. I mean, I don't want my dad to walk ALL the way down to the internet cafe and then have nothing to read:) I've also suggested to Cynthia that we can take turns blogging--I can take M/W/F and she can get the other days (she is a stay at home mom and has WAY more time on her hands so it's on;y fair she gets more days) I'll just have to make sure that nothing "blogworthy" happens to me on days that I am not supposed to post...

So wish me luck with my new blogging schedule--I think I am going to need it!!

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