Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kobe's Top Ten List

It's hard to believe my little Kobester is ten today. It seems like it was just ten years ago :) that I spent my Christmas Eve birthing this little bundle of joy. (And yes, I'm definitely glad that we birth babies--and not full grown boys!) But I'm also glad to have Kobe as a part of our family. And what birthday would be complete without the obligatory "Ten Most Unique Things About Kobe " blogger list so here goes...

Kobe's Afro--One of the saddest days in Kobe's little life was when I took him to cut off his "afro." And while my mom might argue that it still looks like he has a 'fro in this recent pic, this is nothing compared to the flowing locks he used to sport around in his younger years.

Kobe's Pacifier--If Kobe ever ends up needing braces when he is older, I can blame it on the fact that he used a pacifier until the ripe old age of 3! For some strange reason Kobe actually called his pacifier a "Phizer" (whatever that is?) Anyway, we were finally able to have him give this up when we told him the story about how the Easter Bunny collects pacifiers. And that when you give him your pacifier (when you go to get your picture taken at the Provo Towne Mall) the Bunny gives you a present. (Kobe got legos.) And you thought the Easter Bunny just delivered eggs...

Kobe's Name--Yes, he is named after a famous black sports athlete. Luckily for us, we choose to name him after the famous black athlete that has only been caught cheating once (I never liked the name Tiger anyway)

Kobe's Noises--I don't know if it is just a boy thing, but Kobe is ALWAYS making the strangest noises (and no, I'm not talking about farts.) He is like a big non-stop noise machine. And although the noises tend to drive me crazy most of the time, at least I know if he ever gets lost in the woods, I'll be able to find him (that is if a big grizzle bear doesn't hear him and eat him first :)

Kobe's Smile--You gotta love a boy that isn't afraid to smile!

Kobe's Profession--Kobe has told me that he is going to be a "Video Game Tester" when he is older. He has decided to get an early start on said career and would spend every waking moment playing his DS (or Wii or Playstation) if we would let him. Luckily Norm made the rule awhile back about no video games on school nights or we'd never get any homework done.

Kobe's Friends--Who knew that I was raising such a social butterfly! Kobe is constantly asking about playing with this friend and that friend. I can already tell that the teenage years are going to be oodles of fun!

Kobe's Brain--Kobe apparently has a super big brain because he is super smart. He is a whiz at math and loves science and social studies. In fact, he loves learning and school so much that he gets all freaked out if he thinks he is going to be late to school (and in late I mean not being there the 20 minutes BEFORE school starts)

Kobe's Mom--All of Kobe's future girlfriends should be warned that I am raising a Momma's Boy. It's not like I set out trying to do this. It's just what happened. My husband says I baby him too much but he IS my baby. What else am I supposed to do?

Kobe's Everything Else--What can I say--everything about him is unique and we love it all! Happy Birthday to our lil' Kobester!!

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