Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big & Tall

So its official--the Big & Tall store will be my only choice when clothes shopping for the Kobester. Norm took the kids to the doctor yesterday for their yearly wellness check up and Kobe is in the 90th percentile for both height and weight!

Now it's not like the doctor was telling me something I didn't already know. Most kids go through a growth spurt every year or so but Kobe kind of had a growth explosion in just the past month or so. He went from a normal kid that fit into regular size 10 pants to...the kid with a mom that has to return all of his size 12 Christmas presents because they were already too short and look like they are too tight (Ok, Kobe tells me they fit fine because he is hoping I won't make him try on more clothes but my rule is if it takes you more than a minute to button, it's too small :)

I guess on the bright side, 90th percentile for both is better than just being an "overachiever" in just one area: He could be the 90th percentile for just height and just be...scrawny. Or he could be the 90th percentile for just weight and just be...Samoan (luckily for Kobe he is only half :)

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Cassie Jensen said...

Too funny! Hope your holidays were great- love your Christmas card- thanks! I have to laugh because Sydney has always been off the chart for height and not on the chart for weight. Yes. Scrawny works. I've had every combo in between, too. It's amazing how they turn out nothing like the dr's say they will! Keep having fun with your beautiful family!