Sunday, November 1, 2009

Only 54 days left until...

Did you know there are only 54 shopping days left until Christmas? I know because most years I usually try to have ALL of my Xmas gifts purchased and wrapped by now (OK, October 1st has always been my deadline in the past, but I'm blaming this year's total lack of Christmas readiness on my EMBA program :)

Anyway, when I realized earlier this week that not only had October 1st come and gone but that November 1st was going to blow right past me as well without a single wrapped Christmas present in sight, I started to panic...

And I decided that I would at least get my Christmas cards done.

Thanks to Simone for coming over to play photographer on Saturday. The pics came out great--with the exception of these pics posted here where someone always managed to have their eyes closed or their mouth open (which is sooo NOT the photographer's fault :)

But now I can officially cross "2009 Christmas Cards" off my list.

Next stop: Christmas Shopping!

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