Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our trip to the North Pole

Tehani and Kobe are eight and (almost) ten. And although they're probably a bit old for a ride on the Polar Express, that didn't stop me from packing up the fam yesterday for a night of fun on a train. The kids were good to play along. When the "elves" came through to ask what they wanted for Christmas they both listed off some presents (though I did catch Tehani rolling her eyes at the elf when he said that "he would talk to Santa about it.")

Kobe and Tehani have been on the Polar Express before (we bought tickets for them to take my Mom and Dad as their Christmas present a few years back) so I was glad that Norm and I finally got to get in on the fun. I mean, who knew that you could take the train all the way to the North Pole--and be back 45 minutes later? All I know is that after singing Christmas carols all night (with Kobe leading some of the songs since we were sitting right by the microphone :) I'm definitely in the mood for Christmas!

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