Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aged to Perfection

So my mom is celebrating a birthday today. And since she is still busy "living it up" in the tropical paradise known as Tahiti, my only option is to send her a birthday greeting blog-style. So here are the Top Five Reasons Why I'm Wishing My Mom a Happy Birthday:

1. She put up with me as a teenager. I'm kind of dreading the fact that I will one day have two teenagers of my very own.

My only hope is that they will be nothing like I was during those angst filled teen age years...

2. My mom would put Martha Stewart to shame. And probably Miss Manners too. Growing up, I learned to write thank you notes and I don't believe that I wore pants to school until I was at least in the 4th grade. (My mother didn't start wearing pants until I had moved away to college.) I should point out that in her old age, she has kind of gone lax on her dress codes as she now has even been knows to wear...*gasp* jeans.
3. Adopt a Grandparent: I frequently have friends ask if my mom is interested in adopting THEIR kids as grandkids. I must admit that I am kind of spoiled when it comes to the babysitting department. My mom is always the first I call when I know I am going to need a sitter for the kids (and my hubby) when I'll be out of town for work. I'll just assume that (contrary to the pic) she is usually awake when she is watching the kids.

4. Grandma is just a fancy name for Travel Guide. Did I mention that Kobe and Tehani's favorite time of the year is summer break--aka travel time with Grandma. From Chicago to Tahiti to everywhere in between, the kids count down the days until school is out and their summer travel tour begins.
5. For making me...ME. I mean, she did birth me after all (and I've birthed kids--I know how much it hurts :)

But I do realize that much of who I am today (crazy OCD tendencies and all) comes from the great job she did as a mom.
So Happy Birthday Mommy. You deserve it!!

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