Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time Flies

Well, I'm not sure what has happened but sometime when I wasn't paying attention its gone from January 1st to September 8th in just the blink of an eye! Between work and school it never ends--its seems like it was just New Years Day. Anyway, this warp-speed "time travel" like year has been so crazy that I've had to take some drastic measures to try and cope:
  • We've resorted to eating on paper plates at home--Please do not call Tahiti and tell my mother as I am afraid she is going to disown me for this. I know the environmentalists are also going to be appalled but with my new "system" there are never any dirty dishes in my sink so that is one less thing for me to worry about.
  • I've color coded my kids--Tehani wears only white shirts to school and Kobe wears red. Strange, I know. Remember, they wear uniforms so it is not that weird to limit them to one of the two colors they have to choose from, right? Each Sunday we also put out all of their clothes for the week. Now if I could just figure out a way to color code all of their junk that they leave around the house!
  • I heart Sam's Club--I've never been a huge fan of buying in bulk but the thought of being able to stock up on enough stuff so I don't have to shop for the next three months sounds particularly appealing to me right now. Who cares if it is all processed and individually packaged--I'm saving myself a trip to the store!
In other less crazy news, it was my birthday last Thursday. To celebrate, I spent the day at work and topped it off with an evening at class :) Luckily, the hubby and kids were thinking ahead and cooked me a b-day dinner the night before.

Over the long weekend we also managed to go camping, take a hike to the Y, and made one last trip to the Scera Pool before it closed for the season. Wheh, I'm still tired (and sore) just thinking about it. Anyway, I've decided that if I could just get an extra week of time I could get all caught up on my list 'o stuff to do. I might even be able to get a little ahead. So I'm starting a collection. If you've got any extra time you'd like to get off your hands, just let me know.PS--A quick pic of me and Tehani at the pool. I believe this was right after she got done asking me "Why are your legs all jiggly like that?" You gotta love a girl that tells it like she sees it :)

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