Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mean Girls

So I got an email from Tehani's teacher the other day that some of the girls in class are not being nice to each other. Unfortunately for us, Tehani was on the "not being nice" end. I was mortified--and of course immediatley forwarded the teacher's email on to my sister for some words of encouragement and moral support.

I was hoping for a "You're not a bad mom Laura, I promise" or maybe "I'm sure she's just going through a phase." Cynthia was a teacher after all so I run any school related things by her for teacherly advice. Cynthia replied by sending me one suggested remedy to the problem...

Dear Teacher:
I am very sorry for the behavior of my daughter, and it will stop immediately. We will be taking care of this "Polynesian style". Please ignore any bruises and bloodiness that you see on our daughter over the next few weeks. This should surely cure her behavior. Thank you for making us aware of this situation.

Not quite the answer I was looking for but it did make me laugh. So Friday after school, the other moms and I met with the teacher to discuss what we can do to help our daughters get along better. I thought that I would have until when my kids get into junior high to get ready for all of the catty games and craziness that girls are known for (I was a girl once--I know how mean girls can be.) Well, the meeting went well and Tehani and I have talked a lot about this since then. She even came and showed me an apology note she made today. I guess it's actually a little more like a ransom note since the words are all spelled out with cut out letters...
i'M SoRrY tHaT i saiD
mEaN StUfF tO yOu

I guess its a start. Wish me luck (I think I'm going to need it!)


buttercup said...

I love your sister's response. lol. Hopefully everything goes well with your daughter.

Cassie Jensen said...

Too funny! I would be tempted to use Cynthia's response, too. Girls are girls and at least we are proof that they grow out of it! Good luck- it doesn't get harder when they hit middle school and high school, you just don't learn about it til it's all said and done. But that's why they come to us so cute, innocent and defenseless. We fall in love before the ugly stuff hits! Enjoy every minute!

Rachelle said...

that is too funny Laura! Watch out teeny bopper years! They start soo young these days don't they! LOL. Well, she's always a sweetie in primary. :)