Friday, April 24, 2009


So today was Class 3's Talent Show. And unlike other talent shows where only a few people get up and perform, all the kids were required to share a talent--whether they had one or not! At first I wasn't sure what talent Kobe should share. Don't get me wrong, Kobe is super talented but I'm not sure that watching tv and aggravating your sister really counts as a talent?!?

When I first asked Kobe what talent he wanted to share he mentioned something about video games (Playing video games for your class is probably not what the teacher had in mind...) Anyway, Kobe opted to share some of his magic tricks with his classmates. And after lots of practicing with his Dad last night(during the commercials of the Lakers/Jazz game, Kobe's Magic Show went off without a hitch. So if you are ever interested in seeing an invisible magic wand, a color changing handkerchief, a disappearing coin or flying paperclips, I can hook you up with a great magician.

Also, can I just tell you that his class is super talented! There was something like 4 piano players, a drummer, karate girl, and then a harpist of all things. I'm worried now that Kobe is going to start asking about piano lessons again (he's asked before.) I just figured since I was forced to take piano lessons that I wouldn't inflict that cruel and unusual punishment on my kids. Apparently Kobe has other ideas...I'll just have to see if I can work MY magic to make those ideas disappear!

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