Monday, March 2, 2009

A night at the movies

So which movie did the Tevaga's go to see this weekend? Maybe a kiddie flick, like Coraline? Or maybe an oldie at the dollar show, like the Tale of Desperaux? Nope again. Try a super oldie, like the Mark of Zorro. The radio station I work for was sponsoring a screening of this silent movie on Saturday night. And me (being the cheapo that I am) decided to take the fam for a night out. While I'm not a super huge fan of silent movies (I'm not really a big movie watcher in the first place) it was fun taking the kids.

If you've never been to a silent movie before, I recommend going if you ever get the chance. Kobe enjoyed being able to "boo" and "cheer" through out the movie (standard practice during a "silent" flick) while Tehani wanted to know if the "piano guy" (aka the organ accompanist) could stop playing so that she could hear the movie. You try exlaining to a seven year old that a silent movie isn't really silent--but we had fun and that's all that counts. That's two thumbs up for me!!

Now if I could just the station to start serving popcorn at our next movie screening...that's the only reason I even like to go to the movies!

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