Thursday, March 19, 2009

After School Special

While most kids spend their time after school being couch potatoes and playing video games, yesterday my kiddos had a schedule that would make anyone tired:

3:10 SCHOOL'S OUT Picked up the kids. Grandpa (my Dad) is in town so the kids had fun taking him on a little tour of their school. My dad got to meet Kobe's teacher and Tehani even got to introduce her "grandpere" to her French teacher.

3:30 HOMEWORK TIME Being the good mom that I am, I threatened to leave both of them at home if they didn't get their homework done quickly. Tehani is the family procrastinator and actually dawdled enough that she had to finish her book report up at the next activity which was...

4:30 SOCCER GAME It was Kobe's first game of the season. He is very excited about his team since he's got his "fun coach" from a few years ago and they have a huge team with tons of neighbor kids. I think Kobe enjoyed having grandpa there to watch--and his team even managed to pull off a win!

5:30 SKATE NIGHT Nothing like letting your kids play "roller derby" at the local skating rink for a night of fun. I've been "banned" from skating (this is the same rink where I broke my arm at 4 year ago) so my dad and I just watched the kids from the sidelines.

All in all, it was a crazy afternoon. Luckily for me, we're not usually this busy. I don't think I could handle this "special" after school schedule all of the time.

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