Friday, February 13, 2009

Weird Science

Kobe and Tehani had had their science fair at school today. I know the whole point in having the kids do this is to learn something so I thought I would share what we learned:

  1. If we ever run out of batteries, Kobe can now make us some using pennies and nickels.
  2. If you tell Tehani to CAREFULLY pour yeast into a bottle for her "yeast metabolism" experiment she will get half of it on the counter...
  3. And she will spill the other half on the floor.

  4. Kobe now knows how to cut a 1cm x 1cm square out of paper towels.

  5. It takes a minimum of TWO trips to the store to do a science project.
  6. Multimeters--what you use to measure the voltage of your coin batteries--are not $10 like it says on the Internet.
  7. There is a reason that I didn't grow up to be a scientist.

Anyway, Norm and I survived and the kids had fun so I guess that is all that matters. Here's hoping they got an A+ on their projects--We definitely deserve it!

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

When Kobe patents something absolutely fabulous in twenty years, it will all be worth it:)