Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm thankful for...

  1. The extra time that I had off of work this past week. The kids only had school on Monday (which I thought was kind of weird) but I guess that is what happens when you go to a private school--you can make up your own schedule instead of following a normal one that the district comes out with. The kids and I managed to get in a trip to the library to get some new books and a trip to the movies to see Bolt in 3-D (my first 3-D movie) which the kids thought was pretty cool.

  2. The fact that I am ready for Christmas. All the presents are bought and wrapped and we put up the tree this weekend. Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go shopping on Friday morning and I did score a deal on a new washer and dryer. Yeah me!! Even with that, it was not the same since my usual shopping partner Cynthia has moved away :( Though I did somehow manage to spend money without her.)
  3. The turkey that I cooked on Thanksgiving and that it came out ok. I don't usually stress about cooking a turkey when it is just for us but I was cooking the turkey to take over for the big meal at the Kalaniuvalu's...luckily for me everything turned out ok including the stuffing and gravy--(how can anything that is cooked with a cup of grease drippings not taste good!) We had a great Thanksgiving with Nofoa's family--and Kobe and Tehani were in heaven playing with all of the kids.
  4. Everything else!! I've got a great family and great friends--and tons to be thankful for. This is definitely not how I thought my life would turn out when I first moved to Utah 18 years ago (at that time my plan was to get out of Provo as soon as I could!) but I guess everything happens for a reason so here I am....and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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