Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good...

We'll, we officially have our kids back! Nofoa and I made the highly anticipated trip to Chicago to see our kids after a long, long, looooong, LONG summer. It was so good to see them when the pulled up at the airport. I did think that they would look a little more different after not seeing them for so long (Kobe has definaltey gotten taller--my mom decided he must go through his "growth spurt in August--and Tehani did loose a tooth and her hair is longer) but they are still the two same goofy looking kids that we love!!

My parent's luau is also this weekend so we do have a pretty tight schedule. However, we did manage to sneak in a trip to Todai, our favorite sushi restaraunt. We always make a point to stop here for lunch when we are in town. This is the first time we've taken the kids (or my mom) with us. The kids loved eating with chopsticks (kiddie ones--so they did actually end up with food in their mouth) and I just had fun stuffing myself and being "reunited" with my family.

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