Friday, June 15, 2012

My inheritance

A chip off the old block. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Flip side of the same coin. They say that kids become just like their parents.  If that's really true, I'd like to think that I've inherited many of my finer traits from my Daddy (I'll pass on the bad genes though, thank you very much!)

Well, in honor of Father's Day, I would publicly thank my Dad for all of the things I have inherited from him:

Anderson Forehead
Basketball-head.  Charlie Brown.  These are just a few of the names I was called in grade school thanks to my high and prominent forehead (aka--the Anderson Forehead)  Oh, you can try to cover it with bangs, do a combover or something like that--but its still there.  On a more positive note, its been proven that people with high foreheads are more intelligent, prudent and organized than the general population (Next thing you know, everyone will want their hairlines high on the tops of their heads :)

Gift of gab
I'm a talker (shocking, I know :)  My mom used to get called in when I was in grade school because the teachers didn't know what to do to get me to stop talking!  Well, it wasn't until I was about junior high age that I realized I'd picked up the talkative trait from Big Ray--that man can TALK! My mom liked to call it "movin' dirt" when he and the neighbor would get together and shoot the breeze for hours (and hours) at a time.  (And my apologies to all of the teachers I traumatized in my younger years.  I couldn't help myself--I learned from the best!) Not sure if you talk too much?  You can take this quiz here.

Tick tock--who broke my clock?
Some people inherit a large estate from their dad.  I inherited a messed up internal clock that thinks it is normal to wake up before the sun is up.  Growing up my friends never wanted to sleep over at my house because they knew there was a very good chance they could be awakened before 5am (if we were lucky, we would get to "sleep in" until 6am) I'm happy to report that I have learned to live with this ailment.  I mean, who says that you can't do laundry, clean the kitchen walls AND go grocery shopping before going to work in the morning! (Last time I looked the early bird still gets the worm)

You know what they say about people with curly hair...
I don't think any further comments are needed on this paternal trait (I'm just grateful for my blow dryer and good hair care products that have helped to straighten my wayward ways :)

Love for family
I've heard and read stories of people and the awful childhoods they had to endure.  I, on the other hand, had a wonderful childhood. Although I wasn't spoiled (no really, I wasn't :) I don't think I ever wanted for anything.  More important than that, I've always know that my father loved our family. Period.  He's been a wonderful Dad, mentor, friend and example.  I like to think this is part of the reason that I turned out the way I did (only slightly dysfunctional :)  And part of the reason that I am going to miss him so much when he is no longer here.  What if I still have questions for him?  Or need to ask him investing advice?  Talk to him about my next home remodeling project (the ceiling fan I put up still hasn't fall down yet :)  I know that our family will be together again one day.  And I know that I will be OK.  Because of all the things that he has taught me. And shown me. And everything you've done for me and Cynthia and Raymond.  Thank you.  For everything.

PS--And if you are reading this, Dad, and you have a large financial inheritance that you plan to leave to me, I'd like to say thank you in advance for that as well :)  Like I said, you are the Best Dad EVER!

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Island Girl said...

Im sorry for ur loss!! He was a great and noble man! He will truly be missed. Luv u guys and please give ur mom a huge hug from me!! If u guys need anything let us know!!