Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making our way through Hawaii--one bite at a time!

When in Rome you do as Romans, right? Well on a Hawaiian vacation, that means stopping at EVERY one of Norm's favorite eating joints to stuff our faces--Hikilau Cafe, Rainbow Drive Inn, Tita's Grill, Zippys...(I could keep going on but that will just make it sound like we've been eating non-stop since we landed on this island three days ago :)

All in all, the trip has been delicious...err, I mean, fun.  And the kids have been very impressed with Norm's extensive network of friends--basically we can't stop anywhere without him running into at least a couple of people that he knows (I never knew I married the #1 Mr. Aloha)

On the agenda for today? Beach, beach, and more beach. (After a pit stop for lunch at Laie Chop Suey :)

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