Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Champagne anyone?

No, I haven't taken up drinking. But the kids and I have spent the past few days in Champaign, IL (home of the University of Illinois) to visit my sister. Cynthia has only lived there for a year or so and this was actually my first time visiting. I was mainly just excited to be someplace where it wasn't raining (a whole strait week of rain in Chicago is not my idea of fun!) Anyway, the kids and I all went home with a tan (going to the pool everyday will do that) but it was also fun to eat at some yummy restaurants, watch Kung Fu Panda at the theatre, and just hang out with Cynthia.

I just hope my sister has recovered from our visit--especially since the kids will be back in Champaign in about a month or so (whenever Cynthia gets around to having her baby!)

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