Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camping--Tevaga Style!

The kids and I flew back in from Chicago late Friday night. Although we were tired from the trip in, Norm decided it would be a good weekend to go camping. Now before you start thinking "The Tevaga's don't really strike me as the camping type..." WE'RE NOT! So we packed the car and headed up to Cherry Hill. They have a water park, pool, miniature golf course, snack bar and store. THIS is our type of camping.

It was a quick trip--and I'm sure the Kobe and Tehani would've stayed up there for a whole week if we would let them--but we did have a fun time. The kids are old enough now that they will remember this excursion (the last time we went to Cherry Hill they were both in diapers.)

I'm sure they will be harassing us to go back sometime soon!

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