Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit

So we took the fam out the eat the other day. As we were walking back to the car Kobe commented that it smelled. I didn't smell anything so being the good and inquisitive parent that I am I asked, "What does it smell like?" Kobe replied "It smells just like Las Vegas."

Now just to clarify--No, we don't take our kids on monthly gambling excursions to Nevada. And my only recollection of the olfactory characteristics of Sin City involve cigarette smoke and beer. I was still perplexed. I mean, we'd just left a restaurant in Utah--there was not a whiff of beer or cigarette smoke anywhere. Maybe Kobe had simply eaten one too many wings at Wingers? Kobe piped back up and said:
"Can't you just smell all the sweat and anticipation...and luck?"

Was THAT what I was smelling? Who ARE these kids and where did they come from? I'll have to remember this smell for a few years from now when the Koberoo is a teenager (because if I remember correctly, pubescent boys are both sweaty AND smelly)

I can hardly wait. Wish me luck--I think I'm going to need it!

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