Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ice ice baby

Things I learned from taking my kids to the ice rink the other day:

  • I {heart} pictures where my kids look like the actually like each other Pics like this can be rare so I figured I'd better post this one as proof that they do get along sometimes.
  • Two hours is a long time to sit and watch your kids ice skate (especially when all I can think about is the hours of homework I have waiting for me at home) I'll remember to bring my laptop the next time we venture back to the rink.
  • Crazy J is not fond of the cold ice rink She had to go sit outside in the sun most of the time, which I'm assuming means she was freezing like I was (either that or she was just pretending she's back in Tahiti)
  • I really need to put my kids back in ice skating They took lessons at one time--which was my attempt to have them not be afraid of skating after I broke my arm in front of them at the roller rink :)

Growing up, I had an ice rink in my back yard. I realize this was not normal but I have come to find out that most of my childhood fits in the "not normal" category. I was taking ice skating lessons at the time which apparently meant I needed my own personal rink...

...On second thought, maybe we'll have to pass on skating lessons for the kids (I'm pretty sure our lil' backyard is not big enough for a rink :)

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