Thursday, July 22, 2010

A cut above the rest

Kobe's got a new do! Being the smart mom that I am, I figured out a sneaky way to get the Koberoo to cut off all of his hair...

Every week or so my brother busts out the clippers to rebuzz his super short cut. Ray Ray is a cop (and a Marine) so it's not like he can run around with long hippie hair like he used to! Anyway, I mentioned to Kobe that we should shorten up the sides of his long mop. As suspected, he wasn't buying it. Then, I pointed out the fact that if cut his hair as short as Uncle Ray, Grandma would HATE it. My mom loves a man in uniform but everyone knows she can't stand Raymond's short short hair.

Anyway, Kobe couldn't get his hair cut off soon enough!! I have to say that I do actually love his new hair (or lack thereof.) And Kobe does too--though part way through the cut Kobe said that he had changed his mind (but it was a little too late to turn back unless we were going to go for a reverse mohawk :)

So here's thanks to Uncle Raymond--the best barber in the whole world! Thanks for the buzz!

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