Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now that it's almost February...

...I figured it was time to get back to posting to my blog on a somewhat regular basis! I'm not sure how it happened--missing a whole month of posts--but somewhere between the trip to Chicago and coming back, getting the kids back to school after break and everything else...well, you know how it goes. So here is the Tevaga "Month-in-a-Minute" recap:
  • Kobe started B-ball again and had his first game yesterday. Luckily he had been bothering me about when this was going to start again. Come to find out when I finally signed him up that we've missed a few games. How am I supposed to know that even though every year "Spring Basketball" starts in March, when you are in 3rd grade that magically moves to January!?! He is having fun so that is all that matters.
  • My mom is back in Tahiti again --but what else is new? When I asked her when she was coming back she said "Oh, I don't know. Maybe at the end of March..." When she answers like that it means, I'm probably not coming back until April or May. I keep telling my brother and sister that we need to get a GPS system on that lady. My dad even went with her for a bit. At least with him we know he'll be back in a few weeks. And Tehani has started asking when it will be her "turn" to go to Tahiti.
  • I've decided to be one of the "eternal students" and go back to school--kind of...I'm applying for the Executive MBA program. We'll see if I get accepted or not so this past month I have been consumed with getting everything in order for my application. I'm a little freaked out about having to take the GMAT so I am hoping that the prep course I signed up for and will be taking every Saturday morning at 8am for the next 6 weeks will help! Wish me luck! And if you have any GMAT horror stories...I don't think I want to hear 'em.
  • Don't mess with the fortune cookies. We went for Chinese yesterday after Kobe's game (normal kids want ice cream or McDonald's after a game--mine want a Chinese buffet) and Nofoa's fortune saying that he will be going on a trip soon. This is of course a sign that he is supposed to go on the weekend trip he and his "boyz" have been planing to St George or where ever it is they think they are going. The Chinese gods have spoken so I guess he is going.

That's it for now. If you know our family, you know I've left out tons of stuff out but this is just a "minute" recap (for all of you speed readers out there) so have a good week. I'm off to make breakfast right now--my sous chef Tehani and our french toast await!

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The Johnsons said...

Glad to see you back in the game! We would like to set up another play date. I am thinking the first weekend in February here at our house. Let me know if that works.